Penelope Ann Miller

  1. Geena Davis, The Accidental Tourist, 1988.     Lawrence Kasdan “was afraid I was a little young.” Three years on, she won Other People’s Money from the accidentally Oscared Davis.
  2. Sean Young, A Kiss Before Dying, 1990.     Still looking too young.
  3. Jennifer Connelly, The Rocketeer, 1990.   A lucky escape from the… Disney-we-have-a-problem…  movie. Diane Lane, Elizabeth McGovern, Penelope Ann Millder, Kelly Preston were also in the frame for the hero’s gal, Jenny Blake, projecting, said Chicago critic Roger Ebert, “the same innocent sensuality of the classic B-movie sexpots – an ability to seem totally unaware, for example, that she is wearing a low-cut dress.”
  4. Elisabeth Shue, The Marrying Man, 1991.     Why bother with a second lead (being dumped by Alec Baldwin for Kim Basinger) when she had obtained  the female lead opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kindergarten Cop. 
  5. Demi Moore, A Few Good Men, 1992. Among the half-dozen chosen to read for the part. 

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