Pierre Mondy

  1. Bernard La Jarrige, Pantalaska, France, 1960   “I can’t do that – it’s for Michel, non?” The response of Mondy (and Yves Robert) when offered the role of Clergeon. Photographer-turned-realisateur Paul Paviot thought the same. But after making Paviot’s first four shorts, including the Parodie Parade trilogy – and Paviot figured on many more – the actor simply decided that was enough.  He went on to make more than 220  films.   And Paviot… 18.
  2. Michel Galabru, Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez, France, 1964.   Officially, Mondy had a broken leg….  Once  Louis de Funès went where fellow unfunny comics Francis Blanche and Darry Cowl feared to tread – and become the gendarme Ludovic Cruchot – he wanted his pal, Mondy, as his boss.   The star’s wife, Jeanne de Funès, knocked that on the head.  Known to the technicians as Calamity Jane, she cut lose anyone who might steal scenes from her “Loulu.”  (Yet she suggested  Mondy’s ex-wife, Claude Gensac, become de Funès’ wife  in the series and, indeed, in most of her  ten films with the stutter, splutter, mutter, nutter comic who ate scenery as if it were ratatouille).  Galabru came from a previous de Funès film, Nous irons à Deauville, 1962, where, prophetically, Galabru had a line going: “Get lost or I’ll call the gendarmes!” Cops These almost Carry On Cops put him on the movie map. They made all six in all,  plus Le Petit Baigneur, 1968, and Jo, 1971.
  3. François Berléand, Vielles canailles, France, TV, 2010.   Realisateur Arnaud Sélignachad to shoot his tele-filmtwice afteractor and stage director Mondy, 85, fell, broke his nose – and doctors found he had a lymphoid problem.Only Claude Brasseur remained inboth versionsof the three old-time crooks planning one last job.


 Birth year: 1925Death year: 2012Other name: Casting Calls:  3