Porter Hall


  1. John Rogers, The Buccaneer, 1937.      “Mouse” changed traps rip-roaring epic about the 1815 battle for New Orleans which CB DeMille’s started directing on his 56th birthday, August 12, 1937. His son-in-law, Anthony Quinn, played Beluche; 20 years later, he directed the CB-produced re-hash which spent far too long in studio set.
  2. Lynne Overman, Spawn of the North, 1937.   As George Raft’s buddy changed from Argentine Georges Rigaud to Fred MacMurray to Henry Fonda, Overman had time to pick up Jack Jackson from Cincinnati’s Hall.
  3. Gene Lockhart, The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, 1947.    A car smash injury meant Hall had to be substituted… in Betty Grable’s frolic flop. Hall was fit in time to be (accidentally) shot in the ass by Grable’s Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend, in 1948.


 Birth year: 1888Death year: 1953Other name: Casting Calls:  3