Rachel Grant

  1. Kata Dobó, Out For A Kill, 2002.   She was Peaceful in the Bond film, Die Another Day,2001. But not Maya Burns in this Steven Seagal direct-to-video video in 2002. Because at 26, she alleged, she  fought off his sexual advances during her audition in a Sofia hotel suite. As soon as director Michael  Oblowitzleft the room Seagal kept asking her to take off her top, she told BBC News in 2018, “I stood up to try to distract him. But he was able to tug down my top, which was strapless. My breasts were completely exposed and I was forced to cover myself. He pushed me on to the bed with force. Then he said: ‘I suppose you want to see my private parts’ – though he used a different word… and he started to pull down his zip.” She “burst into tears”, Seagal stopped and began to apologise. “I want to share what happened to me, so…  others might come forward.”  Seagal’s legal team deny everything . [See also Lisa Guerrerio and Jenny McCarthy].

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