Rae Dawn Chong

  1. Roberta Wallach,  FM,  l978.   Sacked when director John A Alonzo discovered she was not 21, but  16.  “They never asked me my age,  so I never told ’em.” So that’s where  Traci Lords got the idea from.
  2. Kim  Greist,  Brazil,  1985.   Women are Terry Gilliam’s weakest casting points…  Ellen Barkin was his favourite for Jill, yet hefell for an unknown riddled with so many problems. “Kim just wasn’t getting it.”She gave him so much trouble, during one love-scene with Jonathan Pryce that Gilliam strode off the set.  “Kim, do the scene yourself and let me  know when you’ve  got it done. I’m off.”He kept having to shorten her role and even resorted to her wearing a bandage for “more personality.” Not necessary if he’d chosen from his eight other interviewees:RDC, Rosanna Arquette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rebecca De Mornay, Kelly McGillis, Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathleen Turner.
  3.  Darryl Hannah, Legal Eagles, 1986.    “I’ve never had any trouble being black in Hollywood…  Well, I think I lost the Darryl Hannah role because Robert Redford’s people did not want any black-white thing. They were wrong. Many of the roles I’ve played were written for white girls. And I do have a wicked sense of humour. I tell you, I would be so good opposite a major star.”
  4. Lisa Howard, Highlander, TV, 1994-1996.    RDC and Toronto’s Lexa Doig tested for the 22 episodes as as Dr Anne Lindsey – won by Londoner Howard.   The other London, that is. In Ontario, Canada.

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