1. Shabana Azmi, Hum Paanch, India. 1980.   Rameshwsari as in the old song…  Don’t Rameshwari, be happy…
    The South India  beauty was offered the movie by producer Surinder Kapoor. But co-star Deepti Naval put in a good word for her pal, Azmi.  It didn’t help their friendship, though.    
  2. Rohini Hattangadi, Arth, India, 1982. Rameshwari refused to be a maid when she  craved the lead rôle – booked for the mighty Shabana Azmi. And she sent a note to Hattangadi:  “Don’t say no… it’s a good role.” She was delighted to be part of  director Mahesh Bhatt’s experimental triumph!

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