Red Buttons

  1. Bobby Van, Lost Horizons, 1973.  Producer Ross Hunter wanted Red, but  his producer pal Irwin Allen called up with “a helluva role.” Having made The Big Circus and Five Weeks In A Balloon together,  the comic turned surprise Oscar-winner (for Sayonara) leapt into The Poseidon Adventure.
  2. Danny De Vito, Hercules, 1997.   Being a man of certain experience, standing and fame, De Vito refused to audition for Philoctetes. Buttons, Edward Asner, Ernest Borgnine  and the inevitable unknown (Dick Latessa) were not so shy.  Red, alone, s knew the score. “I know what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna give this part to Danny De Vito!”

 Birth year: 1919Death year: 2006Other name: Casting Calls:  2