Reginald VelJohnson

  1. Ernie Hudson, Ghostbusters, 1983.   The paranormal was, said Dan Aykord, his family’s business. That and having stayed in a house haunted by Mama Cass Elliott inspired his dark, futuristic update of such 40s’ comedies as Bob Hope’s Ghost Breakers and the Bowery Boys as Ghost Chasers –  penned for John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and himself. Dan was actually writing a line for John when hearing about his shock death. (He said  Slimer was John‘s ghost). Murphy was busy – policing Beverly Hills. “It wasn’t like I turned it down,” he told Jimmy Fallon, “I wasn’t available because I did this other movie.”   Gregory Hines was seen and  after a month’s wait (after five auditions) Hudson became Winston Zeddemore – no longer the same size role as it was  for Eddie.   In a 2015 interview, VelJohnson said he’d also been seen and   was compensated with a prison guard to play with.

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