Richard Berry


  1. Yves Wecker, Un sac des billes, France, 1975.    Future French casting king Dominique Besnehard gave  Berry one of his earliest movie  tests. Fifteen years later, as his agent, Besnehard flew to the Israel shoot of Pour Sacha to keep the peace between Berry and co-star Sophie Marceau, when they were  not getting on and threatening to flee the Alexander Arcady film. Both were with the Artmedia  agency and it was  impossible  to see  them together. So two dinners that night for Besnehard.  
  2. Bernard Giraudeau, Viens chez moi, j’habite chez une copine, France, 1980.    Realisateur Patrice Leconte and producteur Christian Fechner agreed on Giraudeau for the squatter but felt duty bound to look at other actors. Not for long. The trio had another huge success with the actioner, Les specialistes, 1984, which had Giraudeau hailed as The New Delon… Delon had recognised this earlier, signing him for Deux hommes dans la ville, Le Gitan and Le Toubib, during 1973-79.
  3. Pierre Clementi, Chase-Croise, France, 1981.      He missed the irecting debut for actress-singer Arielle Dombasle.  Lucky him. 
  4. Patrick Timsit, Pedale Douce/What A Drag!, France, 1996.    “The producer thought it might be too real – too serious– with me as the transvestite.”
  5. André Dussollier, Cortex, France, 2007.     First a hit-man with Alzheimer’s from Belgian Erik Van Looy in De zaak Alzheimer (TheMemory of a Killer)2003, now a cop with dementia from Paris autuerNicolas Boukhrief.His first thought for Charles Boyer (!) was actor-director Berry. The second thought was better.


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