Robert Conrad

  1. Larry Hagman, I Dream of Jeannie, TV, 1965-1970.   Tested for the role of astronaut Major Tony Nelson who has a Jeannie in a bottle (geddit?). Introduced to marijuana by Jack Nicholson and to LSD by Peter Fonda, Hagman (the future JR in Dallas, 1978-1991) was soon  known as The Mad Monk of Malibu.  Darren McGavin, who had Tony-tested, nearly took over when Hagman proved difficult to work with.  (Hollywoodese for alcohol and/or drug abuse).
  2. George Peppard, The A-Team, TV, 1983-1987.      No thanks,  he preferred setting up his own series to becoming cigar-chewing Colonel  John “Hannibal” Smith.
  3. George Gaynes, Police Academy, 1984.    The gungy TV hero turned down a chance to send himself up – as Commandant Eric Lassard. Perhaps he noticed that was an anagram of lardass. He tried to make up for it by playing the Police Chief in Moving Violations, 1985, co-written and directed by one of the Academicians, Neal Israel.   Gaynes made all seven Carry On Cops – each one worse than the one before.

 Footnote >>>  Quentin Tarantino was big Conrad fan – particularly in Hawaiian Eye. ”He’s fucking amazing on it,. He was really good when he was in his early 20s and just this real cocky little tough guy, socking people out. But I didn’t make that stuff up. [Conrad having a short-man complex and a bad rep for hurting stuntmen]. He’s still referred to that way by the stunt community to this day.” – Quentin Tarantino on fusing fact and fiction in Once Upon A Time… in  Hollywood. in Deadline Hollywood

 Birth year: 1936Death year: 2020Other name: Casting Calls:  3