Roger Hanin

  1. Alexander Virgil Platyon, Codine, France-Romania, 1963.    Auteur Henri Colpi turned him down as the ex-con hero because of his B-movie baggage as The Gorilla.
  2. Marcel Bozzuffi, Le Deuxieme souffle, France, 1966.    Like all his confreres, Hanin wanted to work with director Jean-Pierre Melville, but getting divorced at the time (before becoming the brother-in-law of the future President Mitterrand), he needed better money and jumped into an  Eduardo Molinaro quickie.
  3. Bernard  Blier, Lo Straniero/The Stranger, Italy, l967.   Italian legend Luchino Visconti offered him the Camus film, but he was tied up elsewhere when it was made.
  4. Mario David, Bons baisers… à lundi, France, 1974.   Prodigious French dialoguist-turned-auteurMichel Audiard (129 scripts in 36 years) wanted the movie tough guy as the seducer. He was notfree. David took over, being promoted from the gang of three criminals. Designed to make a star out of popular character player Jean Carmet, he comedy still flopped. Badly.  Hanin, brother-in-law of François  Mitterrand, the longest serving French President (1981-1995), finally hit starf status with the TV cop show, Navarro, 1989-2006. 

 Birth year: 1925Death year: 2015Other name: Casting Calls:  4