Ron Cephas Jones

  1. Djimon Hounsou, Shazam!  2018.    A month after Brie Larson’s Captain Marvelopened in 2019, Zachary Levi arrived as… Captain Marvel. Re-named by DC as Shazam! in 2011. You may not know him, but he sold more comics tham Superman in the 40s. He’s really a kid of 14, given superpowers (and body) by an old called, er, Shazam. Think Superboy in Superbloke’s body.  F Murray Abraham, Alan Alda, Michael Keaton (the 1988 Batman) and Tony (Monk) Shaloub were seen for this wizard. Ron Ceophas Jones (from the opposition, Marvel’s Luke Cage) got the gig. But his TV schedule got in the way and  Hounsou took over. Direct from the set of…  Brie Larson’s winner!

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