Sage Stallone

  1. Rocky Krakoff, Rocky IV, 1985.     At nine, Sage could do 350 push-ups – rather more than Pop. “I pulled him out at the last second,” said Sly. “I thought it might not be good having that stigma…walking through the halls of hisschool,being attacked. Or praised. He’s the son of a kind of physical character. People are automatically going to be very challenging, holding him up to very high expectations.” Dad changed Jr’s training to 350 mental push-ups and felt he was more ready to cope with being the son of…Rocky V.
  2. Josh Zuckerman, Feast, 2005.     New directors quickly learn that producers call the real shots. John Gulager’s plan of having a wheelchaired Sageas Vincent Gallo’s kid brother was simply… Weinsteined.
  3. Milo Ventimiglia, Rocky Balboa, 2006.     Sage was far too busy restoring and preserving quality exploitation films with his Grindhouse Releasing company and making three other films that year, two with pal Vincent Gallo (in Russia and Italy),and his second short, Vic, winning him Best New Filmmaker at the Boston festival.  Writer-director-star and papa Sylvester Stallone thought about his son reprising his Rocky Vrole of Robert “Rocky Jr” Balbioa but didn’t want the world believing in the Jr’s complaints about “living in his father’s shadow.”  Sly seemed to have forgotten this was but a temporary bump in their relationship.  Then again, maybe Sly did not write that part of the scenario).  Sage Moonblood Stallone – Stoney to his pals – died of atherosclerosis leading to a  heart attack  two months after his 36th birthday. 




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