Sam Elliott

  1. Rutger Hauer, The Hitcher, 1986.   According to his book, All Those Moments, Hauer revealed that the producer settled on Elliott as the titiular sertal-killer because “apparently, Elliott was so scary when he came in to audition that Edward S Feldman  was afraid to go out to his car afterward.” He was, presumably, much relieved when. Elliott was stuck on another movie. C Thomas Howell admitted that he, in turn, was actually afraid of Hauer on and off the set because of his general intensity. Earlier choice, Terence Stamp, would have been easier. .
  2. Whoopi Goldberg, Fatal Beauty, 1987.       Elliottt  inherited her sidekick role when Whoopi took over   the title role .  
  3. William Hurt, The Incredible Hulk, 2007.    Big Sam expected and wanted to reprise his hard-nosed General ThaddeuRoss from the 2002 Hulk, but what producer Gale Anne Hurd replaced him with Hurt in her “requel” – a rebootish sequel. Hurt, channeling Captain Ahab, had better luck. He was called back to Ross duty eight years later for Captain America: Civil War… the fourth Marvel Cinematic to earn $1bn.
  4. Scott Glenn, Greenland, 2019.   Ole Sam was director Ric Roman Waugh’s first choice for the father of his successive hero – Gerard Butler –  as a lethal comet called Clarke  (!) hits our sorry planet. Well, Florida.


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