Sherry Jackson

  1. Elizabeth Montgomery, The Twilight Zone #66: Two, TV, 1962.  Sherry was considered too young to fall for Charles Bronson in “a love story, about two lonely people who found each other… in the Twilight Zone.”  This bad news was passed on to her by writer-director Montgomery Pitman… her step-father! They got their own way for #88: The Last Rites of James Myrtlebank, where her boyfriend wakes up at his own funeral.
  2. .Carole Carr, Downhill Racer, 1969. Idaho’s Jackson was among the early ideas for the grl ski-champ  Robert  Redfor has sex with while visiting his home town in Colorado. The actual leading lady – a ski-groupie – was Camilla Sparv, ex-wife of Paramount boss Robert Evans.  At one time, Redford was going tthis and Rosemary’s Baby with Roman Polanski. In the end, RR preferred ski-ing to horror.

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