Stephanie Beacham

  1. Susan George, Straw Dogs, 1971. Banned by Hollywood! She’d just finished the erotic Nightcomers with Marlon Brando and infuriated the US distributor, Joe E Levine, for refusing to any promo talk shows, much less a Playboy nude spread. ”You were naked in the film!” he yelled. “I was in character then.” She never explained she refused Johnny Carson due to her sheer fear of “appearing as me” and being 60% deaf since birth. And so, Sam Peckinpah told her he was refused permission to even test her for Amy… the future name of Susan’s production company.
  2. Joanna Lumley, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, 1973. Too busy to replay her Jessica Van Helsing from Dracula AD 1972. As well as Hammer horrors, she tackled Marlon Brando, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dynasty.
  3. Rachel Ward, Sharkey’s Machine, 1980.    Beacham may have lost Dominoe because she had  worked with Marlon Brando (in The Nightcomers, 1971) and the co-star and director Burt Reynolds had this anti  thing about Brando.  He chose another beautous Brit (Ward‘s cinema debut) and called the movie: Dirty Harry Goes To Atlanta. If only.

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