Sue Flake

1. – Georgina Spelvin, The Devil In Miss Jones, 1973. Gerard Damiano’s first film after Deep Throat remains the finest US porno movie. All due to his last minute star, the Texas born Michelle Graham (pseudomously using a feminine version of the Broadway term for AN Other) in the fourth of her 85-plus hardcore films. Another “serious actor” had been was booked but begged off due to a impacted wisdom tooth and/or fear “of becoming famous like Linda Lovelace.” Few remembered Sue until she was found by New York documentary film-maker Benson Hurst. He’d found her name on the back of some 10×8 stills from the mid-70s. “After a few months of legwork,” Hurst told me, “I managed to make contact with her. Once her initial suspicions had been allayed, we become friends. She’s-an interesting and very sweet person.” But no, Sue did not recall the dental work… as if any skimpy porno budget would allow a leading lady to be absent for day or two. Spelvin recalled the tooth and Sue asking for one scene only: he threeway with Spelvin and Marc Stevens. Spelvin was only on the shoot as a production assistant, then as the company cook until Damiano had her read a scene with John Clemens and gave her the lead. “But,” spluttered his producer, “she got no tits.” “Don’t worry,” said Damiano, “I’ll shoot around them.” There burned in Spelvin’s soul, said Chicago critic Roger Ebert. the spark of an artist. “She is not only the best, but possibly the only, actress in the hard-core field. By that I mean when she’s on the screen, her body and actions aren’t the only reasons we’re watching her. Alone among porno stars, she never seems exploited.”

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