Sue Flaken

  1. Georgina Spelvin, The Devil in Miss Jones, 1972.   Director Gerard DamIano’s first choice for Justine Jones, a viirgin commiting suicide, going straight to Hell and is alowed back to be “consumed with lust” in the second most important  – influential  – US porno film… certainly the only one inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1944 play, Huis Clos/No Exit.  (Damiano also made the first, Deep Throat). Flaken, aka Flake, had to quit due to an  an impacted wisdom tooth.  Spelvin was a Broadway actress who found her way into porn. Her real name was Chelee (say: Shelley) Bob Graham and she made use of  the alias, George Spelivin, for actors with two credits for two roles in one play; Georgette for the ladies. She‘d been hired as cook for the Damiano unit.  Even after agreeing to be Miss Jones – leading to a hectic ten-year hardcore career, Interspersed with such Hollywood trifles as the Police Academyfranchise – she continued to feed everyone on location at the upstate New York farm of her friend and co-star, Harry Reems. After treatment, Flaken returned and was given a threeway scene with Spelvin and Marc Stevens. She was no match for Georgina.  “I took the role very seriously,” she told Time critic Richard Corliss. ”I was doing Hedda Gabler here! I was totally deluded. I had made myself believe that I was an actress. I was showing true life as it really was  – including actual sex as it really happened – instead of the phony stuff that you got from Hollywood. That was my raison d’etrethroughout the whole thing. It was okay; I was okay; I wasn’t a slut.” Chicago critic Roger Ebert said iot was  the best porno he’d ever seen.

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