Suresh Oberoi

  1. Marc Zuber, Bhavna, India,  1984.  Always good having friends in high places. And few Indiians actresses are higher thatn the leading light of India’s New Wave (eventually Bollywood’s Queen Mother). So when Shabana Azmi said  forget Oberoi and book Zuber  (her unfaithful husband in Yeh Nazdeekiyan, 1982)  instead) ‘twas done in the blink of a new contract.   And having proved she was right,  she did it again…
  2. Marc Zuber, Kamla, India. 1984.   Zuber for Oberoi because of Azmi, Part Two… Zuber was not so sure about that.  He said director Jag Mundra told him the role was for him or Sanjeev Kumar. Adding that Kumar saw the movie and agreed Zuber was the better choice.

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