Susan Anspach

  1. Karen Black, Five Easy Pieces, 1970.   She read for Jack Nicholson’s lover, and asked to be his brother’s fiancée, Catherine Van Oost. “Jack wanted Lauren Hutton. [Scenarist] Carole Eastman wanted Jeanne Moreau. Bob Rafelson wanted me. So I got it.” Plus a son, Caleb, from her affair with Nicholson.
  2. Maggie McOmie, THX 1138, 1971.   “First film I was ever offered.” George Lucas’ feature debut, based on his USC short. “But I didn’t want to shave my head.”
  3. Ronnee Blakely, Nashville, l975.  Two stories. Director Robert Altman: “As the picture developed we coudn’t afford her. She wouldn’t drop her price, so we lost her.” Anspach: “I had a nervous breakdown” – unhappy with Altman’s low-salary ensemble casting. Ronee had never acted before. “She was as good as anyone in the film,” said Altman. She had already written some of Barbara Jean’s songs.


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