Suzan Farmer

  1. Kathleen Breck, West 11, 1963.   Ian McShane’s (future) first wife tested alongside Breck and another   unknown  called… Julie Christie.
  2. Jan Chappell, Blake’s 7, TV, 1978-1981. Among the choices for Cally, the telepathic resistance fighter from planet Auron, in what Terry Nation (also the creator of Doctor Who’s Daleks) pitched as The Dirty Dozen In Space… So were Sabina Franklin, Kathryn Leigh Gennie Nevinson, Hilary Ryan, Frances Tomelty. Yes, but Suzanne and Sabina each won a guest role in later episodes but Farmer’s career ended before the series – in 1980 after 51 roles since 1958.


 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  2