Suzanne Zenor

  1. Susan Lanier, Three’s Company, TV, 1976.  The second pilot (but first filmed) was written by the great Larry Gelbart, sticking quite closely to the opening episode of the UK version: Man About the House, 1973-1976. John Ritter was the guy pretending to be gay in order to share an apartment with two babes – Valerie Curtin and Susanne Zenor as Jenny and Samantha. They became De Witt as florist Jenny and Susan Lanier as ditzy Chrissie, then De Witt and  Denise Galick and, finally, De Witt and Suzanne Somers. Only Ritter made the series – and many a guest star, according to studio gossip. Just one of the reasons why the actresses complained of a sexist atmosphere.

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