Sybil Danning

  1. Maud Adamz, Octopussy, 1983.
  2. Sandahl Bergman, Hell Comes to Frogtown, 1987.   After the usual B-movie apocalypse turns some survivors into humnoid frogs, a few  unaffected but fertile women start birthing a new society.  Sybile Danning was invited but Solari was cast as Spangle and then given a bit part when repl aced by Bergman. Big mistake by helmer Donald  G Jackson  because  Bergman refused to be naked for her Dance of the Three Snakes.  Only Cec Verrell, as Centinella, had agreed to nudity. Jackson (1943-2003)  directed  39 other  movies,  producing 48, writing 43 (some as Maxcimo T Bird!), acting in 17 – including Vampire Child, Ghost Taxi, Ghost Baby  and who can forget  Lingerie Kickboxer. He helped ay for his 1976 debut, The Demon Lover., with a $8,00 insurance payment  after he lost two fingers in a factory accident! 


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