Syd Saylor

  1. Max Terhune, Ghost Town Gold,   1936.     Rapid change of Lullaby Joslin  from the comic relief of first Three Mesquiteers film to the somewhat surprising idea of a ventriloquist,  complete with an equally popular dummy called Elmer Sneezeweed (ex-Skully Null).  They survived 21 serials during 1936-1939. Max then became Alibi for 33 Range Busters. Saylor  (ex-Sailor) (honest) was a Chicago comic relying (too much) on his pop eyes, stutter and  an Adam’s apple forever on the move. Most B-cowhands used to say they were (like jockeys) merely “scufflin’ for groceries.”

 Birth year: 1895Death year: 1962Other name: Casting Calls:  1