Sylvie Meyer

  1. Penelope Lamour, Le sexe qui parle (Pussy Talk), France, 1975.      The beautous Meyer had agreed to a real fellatio sequence in La bonzesse, 1973, the  directing debut of my Paris friend, journalist François Jouffa.   The two seconds were immediately cut by the censors (until the DVD release). This changed her mind about going all the way for 88 minutes in Europe’s most famous hardcore flick.   She was uncertain and scared – and in awe of her competition. “I’m not Marilyn Chambers,  wish I was,” she told me in Paris.“The way she acts – or reacts – is fantastic! Behind The Green Door is the only porno to excite me. I saw it twice!  I’d’ve loved being in her place. Having six girls taking care of you and then this big black guy… making love for so long. And I mean, the way she does a blow job…”  In her one and only film, Penelope did her best, but she couldn’t compete, either.  Beatrice Harnois stole the movie.  And Sylvie went on top work with Fellini La città delle donne (US: City of Women), 1979. She married the French painter Charles Matton, who directed their 1975 film, Spermula.  Not as bad as it sounds. 


 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Sylvie MattonCasting Calls:  1