Tim Daly

  1. Peter Gallagher, sex, lies and videotape, 1989.     Real video blocked him –  the  TV series, Almost Grown, by David (The Sopranos) Chase. Explains why James Daly’s lad never matched the rise of the rest of Barry Levinson’s Diners and remains best known as the voice of the Superman animation shows.
  2. Steven  Weber, The Shining, TV, 1997.    This is the Stephen King-approved version – he wrote the mini-series script! Daly was keen on following Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance.  However, he was unavailable  and suggested  that his 1990 Wings co-star. Two years on, Daly was available for another King mini-series, Storm of the Century.
  3. Dylan McDermott, Wonderland, 2002.     When due before cameras in 1998, Biehn was actor-director Nick Vallelonga’s choice for the nightclub owner Eddie Nash – opposite Val Kilmer as  porno icon John Holmes, when he was involved in LA’s  Wonderland Murder Case in July, 1981.

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