Tim McCoy

  1. Harry Carey, Trader Horn, 1931.     Wyoming’s Adjutant General McCoy was better suited to the West than Africa – from advising on The Covered Wagon, 1923, to starring in Monogram’s Rough Riders in the 40s. 
  2. Rex Bell, Dawn on  the Great Divide, 1942.     Being drafted into WWII meant the ninth of Monogram’s Rough Rider series needed a new cowpoke. And, after shooting,  then another when  Buck Jones  (who started the series with McCoy and Raymond Hatton) was among the 400 plus who died in the famous Coconut Grove nightclub fire in Boston. Hatton started a new series of 20 B-oaters with Johnny Mack Brown until 1946 and Bell became the Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, 1954-1962. 

 Birth year: 1891Death year: 1978Other name: Casting Calls:  2