Ajay Devgn



  1. Shakrukh Khan,  Darr, India, 1993. Punjab-born director Yash Chopra first requested Ajay – away on another movie. Aamir Khan refused, having disagreed with Chopra’s editing of his work in  Parampara,  1992. And so, a new super Bollwyood star was born, soon simply known as SRK.
  2. Salman Khan, Karan Arjun, India, 1995. Ajay missed a first pairing with Kagol. She then complained about him being selected for her later Bollywood romance, Hulchul, 1999. They made the movie, became lovers, wed five years later and had a daughter, Nyasa.
  3. Abhishek Bachchan, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehnal, India, 2006. Both Ajay and his wife, Kajol, defected from India’s most expensive Hindi film ($15m) – starring Bachchan, pere et fils. Indeed, shooting was delayed due to Amitabh’s illness.
  4. 4Anil Kapoor, Race, India, 2008. The director brothers known collectively as Abbas-Mastan asked him to become Robert D’Costa. Too intense, said Ajay, not in the mood for an action thriller. Even one shot in South Africa.
  5. Madhaven, Teen Patti, India, 2009. When Arshad Warsi proved unavailable, he supplied a (cheaper) cameo. And so the handsome young Madhaven won his dream – co-starring with the iconic Amitabh Bachahan… and, in his Bollywood debut, Sir Ben Kinsgley.
  6. Saif Ali Khan, Aarakshan (Reservation), India, 2011. When Devgun’s dates didn’t gell, Saif took over Deepek and the most dialogue than he’d ever had – and in his far from fluent Hindi. He survived. The film, not so much.


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