Albert Dupontel

  1. Vincent Cassel, Le Pacte de loups, France,   2001. “I knew it would be successful,” said Albert, “but I couldn’t accept kung fu in the period of Louis XIV.”
  2. Vincent Cassel, Mesrine:  L’Instinct de mort &  Mesrine: L;ennemi public N° 1, , France, 2008.  When Cassel grew wary of the two films about the overly famous French  gangster thug, Paris producer Thomas Langmann turned to the rest of Cassel’s generation: including the Dupontel (Cassel’s co-star in the bleak Irreversible, 2002). Perfect!  Until a restructured  (non-heroic) script won  Cassel’s d’accord.   
  3. Lambert Wilson, La princesse de Montpensier, France-Germany, 2009. Réalisateur Bertrand Tavernier asked Fabriche Luchini: Do you ride? Like any actor sniffing a gig with a top director, he said: Yes. Be careful, warned the unit’s equine stuntichian,  Mario Luraschi. “He’s not comfortable with horses.  When you see him mounted on-screen, it’s usually me off-screen holding the bridle.” Luchini quit for another movie and Tavernier then took the 18th Century rôle in a totally different direction by asking Dupontel if he rode. Sure but more interested in directing – “if I can avoid acting.“ He did both, majestically with Au revoir là-haut (See You Up There), 2016. 


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