Alexis Arquette

  1. Sean Hayes, Will & Grace, TV, 1998-2006. Beaten to the role of gay Will’s (very) gay pal. Patricia and Rosanna’s transgendered brother (born Robert; artist painter, singer, entertainer, actor) later underwent surgery to become a woman – covered in 2007’s Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother documentary.

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Alexis’ siblings David, Patricia, Richmond and Rosanna Arquette issued their tribute on his death at age 47. “Her career was cut short, not by her passing, but by her decision to live her truth and her life as a transgender woman. Despite the fact that there are few parts for trans actors, she refused to play roles that were demeaning or stereotypical. She was a vanguard in the fight for understanding and acceptance for all trans people… As Alexis transitioned into being a woman, she taught us tolerance and acceptance. As she moved through her process, she became our sister, teaching us what real love is. We learned what real bravery is through watching her journey of living as a trans woman. We came to discover the one truth — that love is everything. In the days leading to her death, she told us she was already visiting the other side, and that where she was going, there was only one gender. That on the other side, we are free from all of the things that separate us in this life, and that we are all one.”

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