Allen Jenkins

  1. Alan Hale, Valley of the Giants, 1937.       Warner records reveal both Jenkins and Dick Foran tested for Ox in the conservation thriller way ahead of its time. Jenkibns, a former Brooklyn Navy Yard worker, won 157 screen roles during 1931-1974, including voicing Officer Dibble in the Top Cat tele-toons.
  2. Victor McLaglen, Let Freedom Ring, 1938.    Or The Dusty Road when Jenkins was railroad field boss Mulligan. McLaglen never forget the MGMovie. Hardly! It included shooting a desert sequence on the Metro ice rink (!) and being bitten (for real) by a mule. He promptly tried to bite it back!
  3. Cliff Edwards, The Falcon Strikes Back, 1942     Tom Conway succeeds younger brother George Sanders for nine outings as The Falcon – such a copy of The Saint that author Leslie Charteris sued RKO for plagiarism. (The studio produced both franchises). Some of the regulars also quit with Sanders (tired of B-programmers), such as Jenkins, the orginal Gildie Locke (ho, ho!). Conway specialised in suave dicks: Bulldog Drummond, Tom ‘Duke’ Martin, Mark Saber, himself as a private eye. Plus a certain detective   called – wait for it – Norman Conquest.
  4. Red Buttons, They Shoot Horses Don’t They, 1969.     James Poe won an Oscar nomination for the script. So what! His dream had always been to direct it. With Jenkins, Shirley Knight, Lionel Stander and Barbara Steele (Mrs Poe) in the roles awarded by helmer Sydney Pollack to Buttons, Jane Fonda, Gig Young, Susannah York. Jenkins, from, Staten Island, had a career of 154 screen roels, from I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang to… Pillow Talk!

 Birth year: 1900Death year: 1974Other name: Casting Calls:  4