Angela Bassett

  1. Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction, 1993.
  2. Samuel L Jackson, Die Hard: With A Vengeance, 1995.      With Mrs John McClane  (Bonnie Bedila) out of the second sequel, Oscar-nominee Bassett was talked of as a partner for Bruce Willis – like taking over the attitudinise black cop from Reginald VelJohnson. Then,  Willis got pally with Sam during Pulp Fiction.
  3. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Entrapment, 1999.    “Sean told me he would love what our being in the film would mean across the board – how beautiful our skin would look next to each other’s.  I left the meeting thinking: ‘It’s  mine.’ Hollywood wasn’t as progressive as Connery.  I really could’ve added spice to that role.”
  4. Halle Berr, X Men quartet, 1999-2013.   Now here’s a Ripley moment…  Bassett was in the frame for the weather-manipulating Ororo Munroe/Storm…  leader of the X-Men when Cyclops is away. In the comix, she married T’Challa, an African king, aka a certain superhero. When Black Panther won his own standalone feature in 2017, Bassett was Queen Ramonda. Not his wife but (time marches on) his mother!
  5. Halle Berry, Monster’s Ball, 2001.     For someone supposedly never offered the role (according to producer Lee Daniels), she sure had a lot to say…  “I wasn’t going to be a prostitute, such a stereotype about black women and sexuality.  Film is about something you can be proud of ten years later.” Berry was proud  – winning the first black Best Actress award in 74 years of Oscars. “I can’t and don’t begrudge Halle’s success. It wasn’t the role for me. I told her she’d win.  Of course, I’d love to  have an Oscar [she was nominated for What’s Love Got To Do With It, 1993] but… for something I can sleep with at night.”

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