Ann Bell

  1. Jennie Linden, Dr Who and the Daleks, 1964.   Two Americans in London formed their own horror-film company, Amicus, in 1962 – same year as the birth of James Bond.  However, Milton Subotsky and Max Rosenberg were no Cubby Brococli and Harry Saltzman.For some reason, the Amicus duofeltit was a good idea to re-hash some BBC episodes. It was not.They made two with horror star Peter Cushing, as… not a Time Lord but “an eccentric inventor” in a moustache and glasses – and, of course, colour. Not enough to entice folks to pay for what they’d seen for free at home. Before quitting, the original director, Freddie Francis, had selected the wondrous Bell for the Doctor’s grand-daughter Barbara. That sahew was dropped was another Amicus error.A third re-tread was cancelled. Finally, Amicusdid something right.

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