Antje Traue

  1. Alice Braga, The Rite, 2012. The German actress from Pandorum, 2010, with Ben Foster, lost Anthony Hopkins;’ latest horror trip to Sonia’a neice. Never mind, she won Faora in Man of Steel with the new Superman, Henry Cavill.
  2. Mireille Enos, World War Z , 2012. No wonder she was among those eager to be Brad Pitt’s wife…
  3. Elena Fokina, Suspiria, Italy-US, 2016.    Eight years earlier, when David Gordon Green was due to re-make Dario Argento’s giallo classic, Saxony’s Traue was due to be Olga Ivanova, a ballet student trapped in the goings-on – witchcraft, etc –at  Germany’s prestigious – and mysterious – Tanz Dance Akademie.  Argento was unimpresed  by his director friend Luca Guadagnino’s re-tread.  “It betrayed the spirit of the original,” he told Italy’s Rai 1 TV channel in 2019.  “There is no fear.”  And DGG stayed true to  the neighbourhood, producer-directing  2020’s cinema or TV chapters of The  Exorcist, Halloween  and Hellraiser.


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