Baby Leroy

  1. Richard Arlen, Jr, She Made Her Bed, 1933.      According to copyright records, Baby LeRoy was originally set for Laura’s son, but had  grown – too old, too tall – when shooting started. And so his was the one and only film featuring the son   – a few months old at the time – of the circus drama’s star, Richard Arlen.
  2. Ricardo Lord Cuzon, Ruggles of Red Gap, 1934.     Battle of the two-year-olds… LeRoy was selected for Baby Judson  – eventually played by  the six-weeks-younger Cuzon.  Although making far fewer films, LeRoy remained the champ:  the youngest movie actor to ever win star billing. (He also once had his milk spiked with gin by co-star WC Fields). Both kids died  within three weeks of each other in July 2001.
  3. Billy Lee, The Biscuit Eater, 1939.      Finished at six, LeRoy was making a comeback at eight when everything hit the fan. An early scene in October, had the kid swinging by rope across a lake in Albany, Georgia. He fell in.  Take two – he fell in again.  Caught a bad cold, lost his voice – and the movie. Another Paramount  kid was rushed to then locations. LeRoy was sent home  to recover and promised another comeback role. Never happened. Game over at eight! 

 Birth year: 1932Death year: 2001Other name: Ronald Le Roy OverackerCasting Calls:  3