Béatrice Narnois

  1. Constance Money, The Opening of Misty Beethoven, 1975.  Play Misty for me… New York  director Radley Metzger inviting  the Paris starlet to head  his Project 175. During September 20-21, he shot scenes (a virtual short film) with Béatrice, Lance Knight, Crystal Sync and Robert Kerman and  was delighted with the French find from Le sexe qui parle and Les mille et une perversions de Felicia (two of her eight films that year). “She was tiny, probably no more than 5’ tall, and very sweet. No trouble to work with at all.” You know a but is due… even two… But she had heavy French accent. But she had “the air of a sweet, young girl, which wasn’t a perfect fit for the role of a prostitute.” Sue Jensen, billed as Constance Money, took over in what Ashley West’s Rialto Report website called “the greatest adult film ever made.” And Béatrice?  A few years later, Metzger had another rôle for her. “I was told she’d fallen in love, married and disappeared from the film business.” After seven more movies.   


Béatrice Harnois and Lance Knight testing for the porno Pygmalion.

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