Ben Browder

  1. Steven Culp, Enterprise, TV, 2003-04. The Farscape astronaut was invited to be Major Hayes in the latest Star Trek spin-off, but remained true to his own area in space – the only actor to appear in all 88 episodes, 1999-2003, plus a tele-film.
  2. Joe Flanigan, Stargate Atlantis, TV, 2004-09.   Flanigan  took over Major John Sheppard when first choice Browder was shooting  Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, TV, 2004. Ben later became the lead of Stargate SG-1 Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell – when Richartd Dean Anderson left in 1997.
  3. Jeff Hephner, Hellcats, TV, 2010-2011. Hey, come visit “the wild world of competitive college cheerleading! As coach Red Raymond, Ben stayed just for the pilot.


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