Bernard Verley

  1. Jean-Claude Brialy, S’en fout la mort (No Fear, No Die), France-West Germany, 1990.   French casting king-turned-agent Dominique Besnehard hadn’t  seen his teenage crush from Napoleon II: L’Aiglon, since seeing the film in 1961. He found  him as a producer of Sophie Marceau’s Pacific Palisades in 1989. “He’d grown huge, a sort of Orson Welles.” Besnehard suggested him for for the cock-fights organiser  but director Claire Denis preferred his other client, Brialy. Undaunted, Besnehard  simply relaunched Verley in his director client Xavier Beauvois’ Nord, 1990 – his first movie role for a decade.    And then got them both in Patrice Chereau’s bloody  La Reine Margot, 1993

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