Beverly Owen


  1. Pat Priest, The Munsters, TV, 1964-1966.   Marilyn, the, er, normal member of the famjly of monsters, was played by four actresses during the series, a spin-off movie and the 1981 reunion.  Priest took over Marilytn  after a mere 13 episodes as a constantly  weeping Owen was love-sick – being in LA, while her fiancé was on  the East Coast. Two of the  show’s stars,. Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis  – aka the Karloffian  Herman and Grandpa – persuaded the CBS suits to let the poor girl go. And she married her guy, the Sesame Street writer-producer Joe Stone, for ten years.

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    Beverly Owen was Marilyn, the Munster until Pat Priest was.   [© CBS Photo Archive]

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