Bill Cosby

  1. Warren Beatty, Heaven Can Wait, 1978.   A go project in ’69. Cobsy’s  manger,  Roy Silver bought the rights to re-tread his favourite film,  Here  Comes Mr.  Jordan  (already re-made as Down to Earth ,1947).  Francis Coppola to  adapted it for him…  as a black man dying and returning to earth in the body of a rich white man.  The audience would see Cosby  – the characters see him as the white man and treat him accordingly.  By the time he was free to start  – he and Silver had split.
  2. Nipsey Russell,  The Wiz,  l978. The role: The Tin Man. The trouble: other jobs got in the way.  The truth: when it came to choosing movies, he was on a par with George Raft.
  3. Ted Danson, Cheers, TV,  1982-1993.  For Sam Malone, soon enough America’s favourite barkeep  – at the  titular Boston saloon – the NBC network wanted Cosby. “We declined,” said co-creator Les Charles, “because it would have meant doing the Bill Cosby Show.”  That arrived soon after, helped improve the lousy Cheers ratings and turned Thursday nights into a  money machine for NBC.   Unequalled until  Cheers saved Seinfeld in the 90s


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