Billy Murray

  1. Alfred Lynch, The Krays,. 1989.      The Who singer Roger Daltry  was about to produce his take on the East End twin gangsters when  beaten to the punch by  UK director Peter Medak’s version. Daltry, who had played the UK Public Enemy #1,  John McVicar, ten years earlier, had chosen Hywell Bennett as Ronnie Kray and Gerry Sundquist as Reggie…  with Murray (from McVicar) as their father, Charlie.
  2. David Jason, Only Fools and Horses, TV, 1981-2003.       The old bogey of scheduling prevented Murray playing the much-loved “Dell Boy” Trotter for 22 BBC years.Murray won his own TV kudos with The Bill, 19892004,and EastEnders, 1991-2006,but Jason won the (2005) knighthood.

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