Brad Renfro

  1. Heath Ledger, The Patriot, 2000.  After Braveheart, Mel Gibson tackles the American Revolutionary War… sans slavery!  Ledger, Renfro, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joshua Jackson, Ryan Phillippe, Freddie Prinz Jr, Paul Walker and Elijah Wood were seen for Gibson’s eldest son – murdered  by a sadistic British officer. Fed up with only being teenage beefcake, Ledger was about to quit acting and return down-under when he won Gabriel.  In 2008, Ledger ODed on prescription drugs, just  a week after Renfro OD on heroin.
  2. Jason Ritter,   Freddy vs Jason, 2003.   Renfro was promptly dumped after a few days for being “too strung out” to work. And replaced by Ritter – who happened to be in the #1 film of that week, Swimfan. Ritter, son of John, grandson of Tex, had initially been turned down as not right for the role. He proved the best (the only?) actor in the movie. Suits!
  3. Justin Long, Live Free or Die Hard, 2006.      Originally due to be John McClane’s son, our hero’s computer geek sidekick Matt Farrell in Hard 4 was chosen from Long, Renfro, Ben Affleck, Ron Huebel, Kai Penn, Scott Speedman. Director Len Wiseman wanted Speedman, Bruce Willis voted Affleck and their 1997 Armageddon chemistry. McClane Jr was kept in the Fox freezer until A Good Day To Die Hard, aka Hard 5, in 2012.

 Birth year: 1982Death year: 2008Other name: Casting Calls:  3