Brian Miller

  1. Stephen Yardley, Doctor Who # 138: Vengeance on Varos, TV, 1984.        Not quite matching the Lifeforce movie’s 203 candidates for 18 roles that year but as many as 58 guys were seen for just three roles in this Doc6 Colin Baker episode – the majority being Lifeforcers! (They did not share the same casting director, so how did Cannon get hold of the Whoverse lists?) For example, there were 19 contenders for Arak… Miller, Yardley, Alun Armstrong, Nicholas Ball, Jim Broadbent, Andrew Burt, Tony Caunter, Tom Chadbon, Peter Childs, Kenneth Cope, Paul Darrow, Tom Georgeson, Tony Osoba, Edward Peel, Carl Rigg, Colin Scully, Donald Sumpter, Dave Warwick.   Miller used to be wed to Elisabeth Sladen (Doc3 Jon Pertwee’s travelling rug, Sarah Jane Smith, 1973-1983). He played Dugdale in # 124: Snakedance, 1983, voiced a Dalek for #148: Remembrance of the Daleks, 1988, and was Barney in #242: Deep Breath, 2014.

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