Carroll O’Connor

  1. Alan Hale Jr, Gilligan’s Island, TV, 1964-1967.   The New York actor, producer, director and Actors Studio life member lost Jonas “The Skipper” Gumby  to  Hale, who  was making a movie in Utah  when called to test in LA.   He rode a horse to the highway, hitched to Vegas,  flew to LA,  tested with Bob Denver’s Gilligan – and lasted the full 99 episodes of the comedy series produced by Phil Silvers’ company.
  2. Jonathan Harris, Lost In Space, TV, 1965-68.   Next he lost the acidic, waspish (ie sarcastic) Dr Zachary Smith. So did Victor Bunoo and Jack Elam. But it was O’Connor making US TV history as Archie Bunker in 205 shows of All In The Family, 1968-79, (de)based on the UK’s much caustic Till Death Us Do Part.

 Birth year: 1924Death year: 2001Other name: Casting Calls:  2