Cathy Lee Crosby

  1. Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman, TV, 1975-1979.   The 1972 Miss World USA (!) reigned  supreme over such starry rivals as  CLC, the previous, 1973 WW tele-film star.  Plus Angie Bowie (David’s wife), Joanna Cassidy and all three Charlie’s Angels: Farrah Fawcett. Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith. Carter was soon on $1m a year while Debra Winger, at 210, refused her own spin-off series as was her sister, Wonder Girl.

  2. Laurene Landon, Hundra, 1984.    “Actually, Hundra was written for me,” Laurene told me in Cannes.  “The director wanted me. They saw Cathy and others.  I knew if I didn’t do it, Sybil Danning or Sandahl Bergman would.”


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