Charles Martin Smith

  1. Gary Busey, The Buddy Holly Story, 1972.  Still the finest rock biopic for its sheer vigour – and the cast performing live – the reason Holly’s widow, Maria Elena Holly Diaz,  favoured  this take over  two others. Busey was Buddy when CMS was tested – and immediately invited to join Holly’s group, The Crickets, as Joe B Mauldin, renamed Ray Bob Simmons  due to a rights issue.  Busey was cast in the earlier projects, first as Holly in Three Sided Coin, 1975, and as his Crickets  group drummer JJ Allison in Not Fade Away, which had to stop shooting in 1977, as it didn’t have rights to the songs and  said Maria, Fox  had only “offered me $1.” 
  2. Mark Hamill, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,  1976.

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