Charlie Cox

  1. Ben Barnes, Killing Bono, 2010.     The first title tells all:  I Was Bono’s Doppelganer… Cox, Romolo Garai and Bill Nighy were set to enact the tale of  two wannabe Irish rockers. One is Paul Hewson, who becomes  Bono  – and one is not. He’s Neil McCormick, who wrote this book but not, alas (perhaps) the tepid  film… starring Barnes, Krysten Ritter and Pete Postlethwaite’s finale as “a lovable, double-entendre-spewing queen,”  said Village Voice critic Michael Atkinson.
  2. Tom Hiddleston, Thor, 2010.   Every superhero movie needs a supervillain. Jim Carrey was keen on becoming the Norse god Thor’s awful brother. Loki. Cox auditioned. But UK director Kenneth Branagh had a far better idea…he’d acted with Hiddleston in Conspiracy, 2001, and the Wallander TV series, 2008.   Five years on, Charlie (also from London) won the blind lawyer and nightime vigilante hero of Marvel’s TV series, Daredevil.
  3. Alden Ehrenreich, Solo: A Star Wars Story, 2017.   

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