Cicely Tyson

  1. Diana Ross, Lady Sings The Blues, 1972. Following the death of first (the only) choice, Dorothy Dandridge,  the next contenders to play Billie Holiday’s life  were Diahann Carroll, Lola Falana and Cicely. This was before Diana Ross demanded the role from  the man with the wherewithall to  make it happen. Her Mr Motown lover: Berry Gordy. 
  2. Teresa Graves, Get Christie Love, TV,  1974-75. Cicely was injured in  accident the day before shooting was due to begin. Exec producer  David L Wolper  had no choice  but to get Teresa.  Cicely was fit when Wolper asked her to be Binta, Kunta Kinte’s mother in Roots, TV, 1977. 


 Birth year: 1924Death year: 2021Other name: Casting Calls:  2