Claude Rich

  1. Alain Deon, La piscine, France, 1969.     Réalisateur Jacques Deray was turned down by several producers and when Rich refused the lead, Deray went to Delon who immediately suggested that his famously ex-lover, Romy Schneider. And an alleged French classic was born.
  2. Pierre Richard, Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire/The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe, France, 1972.       From Rich to Richard… Gaumont wanted Rich. Réalisateur Yves Robert hadn’t even thought of Richard, who made his comedy film actor-director debut in their script of Le Distrait the year before. And why? Because, said scenarist Francis Veber, “despite the success of of Le Distrait, everyone was against Pierre. Gaumont said he lacked flair and wouldn’t work in the provinces.” Hah! Robert and Veber insisted on… Pierre-Richard Maurice Charles Léopold Defays – a gallic Danny Kaye. Result: Biggest comedy of the year! The first of many, including a Tall Blond sequel, and three more Veber scripts in an unlikely but classic partnership with Gérard Depardieu – all re-hashed (more like re-trashed) by Hollywood.
  3. Jean d’Ormesson, Les saveurs du Palais, France, 2011.      Rich’s withdrawal led to the shock casting of the French year as realisateur Christian Vincent persuaded the venerable man-of-letters and Academician to turn actor – playing, basically, President Mitterrand, no less – at the age of 86.


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