Dabney Coleman


  1. Russell Johnson, Gilligan’s Island, TV, 1964-1976.     Coleman tested for Roy Hinkley Jr – aka The Professor –  and missed out on 98 episodes of the comedy hit, produced by Phil Silvers’ company.
  2. Sydney Pollack, Tootsie, 1982.    Dustin Hoffman often fails to appreciatethat acting is make-believe. Playing an actor whose only available job was that of a woman, he insisted that his director play his agent as he would never be able to obey the agent’s line – ”You’re never going to work again if you don’t put the dress on” – if Coleman said it. “He’s a colleague, not a director…” Pollack wasn’t keen to revert to his acting days until he kept getting flowers: “Please be my agent – love, Dorothy.” (Coleman played Ron, instead).
  3. Martin Mull, Mr Mom, 1983.   “I couldn’t find a film that was suitable to take my kids to,” complained producer Aaron Spelling. “So we made one.” The old role reversal number. Michael Keaton is a sudden home husband when his wife, Teri Garr, wins a lucrative job. Her boss was chosen from Mull, Coleman, Jeffrey Jones and… Jack Nicholson!




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